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I-CAN! Awards

I-CAN! has been recognized locally and nationally for assisting self-represented litigants access justice.

2003 Ralph N. Kleps Award

Created in 1991 in honor of Ralph N. Kleps, the first administrative director of the California courts, the awards are given in five categories based on the numbers of authorized judicial positions (AJPs) in the courts.  Programs nominated must be innovative, transferable to other courts, and in operation for at least one year.
Kleps 2003.

2004 Justice Achievement Award

“Established to publicly recognize courts and related organizations for meritorious projects and exemplary accomplishments that enhance the administration of justice.”
Press Release

2004 Jefferson Cup from Virginia

2006 Louis M. Brown Award for Legal Access 

“The Legal Resolutions Center is an innovation that bridges the technological resources of the Legal Aid Society with the expertise of the private bar. The technology system, known as Legal Genie, uses software to assist moderate-income individuals in preparing court documents. Using computer kiosks available at the center, individuals follow interactive visual and audio instructions that are available in either English or Spanish. The data that is entered is then formatted into court documents suitable for the individual’s jurisdiction.”
Louis M. Brown Award for Legal Access

2006 Excellence in Equal Justice Award

In addition to the above awards, I-CAN! was evaluated and also covered in the news.

2002 UCI Evaluation

“In summary I-CAN! represents a bold attempt to expand legal services to
LASOC’s client community through the use of technology. It also provides the potential
to systematically inform LASOC how well these services are permeating throughout that
community. It appears to be helping the courts as well as LASOC’s client community.”
UCI Evaluation

NBC News Story about I-CAN!

The video of the news story is available for download: News Story about I-CAN!

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