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Prepare your court forms using an easy online questionnaire. I-CAN! Legal California also provides step-by-step instructions for how to file your court forms and proceed with your case.

If you apply for a court Fee Waiver, you can prepare and print any court forms for FREE. In addition, Domestic Violence forms, Limited Conservatorship forms and Eviction Notices (3 day, 30 day, 60 day) are always FREE. Otherwise, I-CAN! Legal California charges a one-time fee of $4.95 to print your form set. You can make changes and reprint your forms as many times as you like.

In Orange County, California, filers can use I-CAN! Legal to prepare and e-file the following legal form sets: Small ClaimsEviction (Unlawful Detainer) and Name Change.  To find out how to use I-CAN! to e-file your California court forms in Orange County, go to How to Upload & E-file Court Forms.

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Note:  To e-file a Divorce, Paternity or other family law form, go to Start your SmartForm.

Legal Form Sets

I-CAN! Legal California can help you prepare your court forms for the following:

Steps to prepare your court forms

1. Create an account

Click the button above to begin. Create an account with your email address and a password that you will choose. This will allow you to return to I-CAN! to make changes to your information, reprint your forms, or start creating new forms.

2. Read through the Tutorial

If you are not comfortable using a computer, the tutorial will show you what you need to know to successfully print your court forms. You can also skip the tutorial.

3. Select a Legal Form Set

Choose your form set from the “START NEW FORMS” menu. I-CAN! will describe the form set you selected, tell you about any restrictions and list the forms that may print depending on your individual case. If you want to apply for a Fee Waiver, prepare your Fee Waiver forms first, then you will not be charged to prepare and print your other legal forms.

4. Answer Questions and Make your Payment (Unless you apply for a Fee Waiver)

I-CAN! will ask you questions to fill out your forms. When you finish the questions, you will need to make your one-time payment of $4.95 for your forms set using our secure online payment system. You can pay with Visa, MasterCard or Discover.  If you have already prepared a Fee Waiver in your account, you will not be charged.

5. Print your Court Forms

Once you make your payment, you can review your forms to make sure they are complete and correct before you print them. I-CAN! will also provide instructions for how to file your forms and proceed with your case. To view our instructions now, go to Filing Instructions.  Some California courts require you to file local forms as well.  To see if you will also need to file any local forms, check your court’s website.

6. (If I-CAN! provides e-filing for your court forms) Continue to E-File

Currently I-CAN! provides e-filing for Small Claims, Eviction and Name Change court forms only in Orange County, CA. If applicable, I-CAN! will give you more instructions about how to submit your forms for e-filing.

Website Features

To find out more about the court forms that I-CAN! can help you prepare, click on Legal Form Sets. To read instructions on how to file your forms, how to deliver forms to (serve) the other party, or how to prepare for your court hearing, click on Filing Instructions. Click on Small Claims Factsheets for help with common issues in Small Claims Court. You can also find instructions for how to access free Form Packets and blank Court Forms. Click on Educational Videos to browse through our selection of short educational videos about court processes.

I-CAN! was created by a non-profit organization, the Legal Aid Society of Orange County, as a tool to help those who cannot afford an attorney to prepare their legal forms. You can make a donation to support I-CAN!. You can also view our Funders & Supporters.

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