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California – Forms Packets

The form packet includes typical forms for your type of case and instructions for how to file them. The form packets are from Orange County, but can be used in most other counties. If the form packet has any forms with numbers starting with “L-“, that is a local form for Orange County. Check with your county court to see if you can submit that form or if they have their own local form.

How to download a Form Packet:

1. Go to OC Court’s Local Forms
2. Click on the type of forms you want to view: Civil, Family Law, Probate or Small Claims
3. Click on the Form Packet you want to view.
4. Either you will see a list of forms you can download or a PDF with all of the forms in it.

To open and print forms you need to have Adobe Reader installed on your computer. Adobe Reader is a free program and you can download it and install it in a few minutes. Click on the button below to download Adobe Reader.


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