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Let I-CAN! Legal help you prepare your Oklahoma court forms for FREE for Restraining Orders. I-CAN! will provide instructions for how to file the forms and proceed with your case.  You can make changes and reprint your forms as many times as you like.

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Legal Form Sets

I-CAN! Legal Oklahoma can help you prepare your court forms for the following:

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Steps to prepare your court forms

1. Read through the Tutorial

Click the button above to begin. If you are not comfortable using a computer, the tutorial will show you what you need to know to successfully print your court forms.

2. Create an account

Create an account with a username and a password that you will choose. This will allow you to return to I-CAN! to make changes to your information, reprint your forms, or start creating new forms.

3. Select a Legal Form Set

Choose your forms from the “START NEW FORMS” menu. I-CAN! will describe the form set you selected, tell you about any restrictions and list the forms that may print depending on your individual case.

4. Answer Questions and Print your Court Forms

I-CAN! will ask you questions to fill out your forms. When you finish the questions, you can review your forms to make sure they are complete and correct before you print them. I-CAN! will also provide Filing Instructions for how to file the forms and proceed with your case.


To find out more about the court forms that I-CAN! Legal Oklahoma can help you prepare, click on Legal Form Sets. If you want to read instructions on how to file your forms, how to deliver forms to (serve) the other party, or how to prepare for your court hearing click on Filing Instructions. Click on Educational Videos to browse through our selection of short educational videos about court processes.

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