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5 Tips for Enjoying a Photo Walk

Photowalks have become a popular way to gain knowledge when you’re a budding photographer. Organized so that a group of eager creatives can get together and explore a particular area with their cameras, photowalks offer the opportunity to take the shots that you may otherwise not have been inspired to take if you were on your own.

Here, we take you through the top five tips on how to get the most out of your photowalk experience.

1. Research the area before you go

Embarking on a photowalk in a new area will give you tons of opportunities to get new and interesting shots. However, you shouldn’t go to a photowalking event without knowing much about the area. Without knowing the landmarks and features of the region, you can’t plan any of your shots in advance.


This means that you will most likely miss out on taking the kind of shots that you want. By properly researching the area before you, you will be best prepared for making the most out of the event.

2. Bring just one lens

Your photowalk may last from just one hour, or it can be spread across a whole afternoon. Rather than carry your entire kit with you the whole time, try to choose just one lens that can be used for most of the kinds of shots you think you will be taking. If you are walking around a waterfront, your standard lens will serve you well.

Or, if you’re going to a crowded area, you might consider your portrait lens to help you make your subjects stand out from the crowd.

You can bring filters with you so that you can change up the shots from time to time and give yourself some flexibility, but limiting yourself to one lens will mean less stress on your back and shoulders.

3. Keep your camera turned on

While you may be in the habit of switching off your camera in order to preserve your battery life, it will serve you well to keep it switched on for the duration of your photowalk.


You never know when an opportunity to take a picture will present itself, and having to take the time to switch your camera back on can see you missing the magical moment for good. If you are concerned about your camera’s battery life, then bring extra batteries with you.

4. Try to get the shot right the first time

Get into the practice of setting up your shot and getting it right the first time. This is far easier if you’ve taken the time to research the kind of shots that are possible along your walk, and by spending less time retrying for the perfect photo, you’ll reduce the amount of time you spend going through your camera roll during your editing time.

Getting into the habit of perfecting your shots as you’re taking them will not only increase your skill but will help you spend less time on the computer.

5. Bring business cards

You never know what opportunity is around the corner. It’s likely that your subjects may want to see the photographs they feature in, so giving them an easy way to contact you after the walk will make your life easier and extend you the ability to follow up at a later date.



You may even come across a potential work collaboration, and business cards will help you to maintain professionalism to your potential clients. Business cards aren’t expensive to have made, and you’re only limited to your creativity.

Photowalks are a unique opportunity to combine a walking tour with photography. Whether you’re just starting out as a photographer, or your career is built around this skill, joining a photowalk can serve to offer you inspiration and get you thinking outside the square in terms of how you compose your shots. By using this guide, you can start to get the most out of your next photowalk experience.