Best Lawyers in Miami

Everyone will need a lawyer at one point in life. Finding the right lawyer for your legal issues is important. When choosing a lawyer, you need to look at their educational background, area of practice and experience to determine if they are the best for you. Here are some of the top rated lawyers that you should consider.

1. Jose Alberto Socorro

The lawyer has won several awards in the industry. Jose Alberto works in Hudson & Calleja, LLC which is one of the best-rated law firms in Miami.

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He is highly qualified through his educational background and experience. If you want legal representation in labor and employment, personal injury and litigation make sure that you contact Jose Alberto through the website of the law firm.

2. Jeffrey A. Baskies

The lawyer is a graduate from the top universities with the highest honors. Jeffrey A is certified by the Florida Bar as a professional in trusts and estates. He has been voted several times as one of the Best Lawyers in Miami. Being in the industry for many years, Jeffrey A. Baskies is the author of several awards winning books. Jeffrey is the founder of Katz Baskies & Wolf PLLC law firm that has helped many people across Miami.

If you want a lawyer in the real estate sector, make sure that you get assistance from Jeffrey A. Baskies.

3. Laurence I. Blair

Laurence I. Blair is a renowned lawyer who concentrates in estates, transfer tax, and asset protection planning. The lawyer is majorly involved in helping companies and individuals in the purchasing and sale of businesses whereby he guides the parties involved in the agreement and business transfers.


Blair also deals with personal clients in trusts and estate issues. Laurence I. Blair is very qualified and has been recognized by the Florida Bar for proficiency, professionalism and good ethics in all the years of practice in Miami.

4. Laird A. Lile

Laird A. Lile has specialized in trust and estate matters in Miami since 1984. Being a certified lawyer, with a high level of education Laird is one of the highly sought lawyers in the region. Laird reputation has continued to increase due to the many appointments in the various legal committees in Miami.

Laird is the founder of Laird A. Lile, PLLC, law firm and if you want any assistance in trust and estate, you should contact from the website and get help.

5. Caroline K Black

Caroline K Black is a specialist in marital and family law. Caroline deals with matters regarding spousal support, marital property, child support, paternity, custody, and visitation. Caroline has been voted as one of the top lawyers for over ten years. In her practice in family law, Caroline K. Black has written several articles and chaired different lectures on topics related to family law.


The cost of hiring a lawyer depends on the type of legal issue that you have the severity of the problem and the experience of the layer. If the lawyer is highly experienced, you will most likely win the case since they have all the knowledge required.