The 10 Best Fundraising Websites

The increased growth in the levels of technology has seen different fields of life change in the ways of doing things. And this is not an exception for those individuals or organizations that want to raise funds for their operations.

In the recent past few years, we experience/d the development of online fundraising platforms to help the non-profit making individuals and companies to raise capital. However, with the wide variety in the market, it’s difficult to choose a platform that perfectly suits your needs. With this in mind, we present to you top 10 best websites that you can use to raise funds for your tuition, medication among other purposes.

1. YouCaring

Since its adoption, the website has over $900 million raised through its operation. The site is free of charge to register, and they seek donors on your behalf.


YouCaring is the best option for those seeking money to fund their causes. Consider them as the best option you have in the market.

2. Transparent Hands Foundation

Transparent Hands Foundation based in the USA stands in the second position. Its main aim is to ensure better health care for all.

They offer complete transparency in their operations making them among the best websites you can entrust with your donations.

3. Bonfire

With Bonfire website, you get to raise funds by selling their t-shirts. They offer a variety of items for the fundraisers to make a perfect selection.


You can also use their library to design your t-shirts. They only charge the base cost, donation fee, and the shipping rates.

4. GoFundMe

On the fourth position is GoFundMe website which has over 10, 000 new subscribers on daily bases. They apply no charges with using their website, and since adoption, the site has got to raise over $5 billion.

And this tells you the reason why they appear among the top positions.

5. Causes

Causes website locates in the USA and has a motto to serve all people from anywhere across the globe to change the world to a better place.



And since its first adoption on 2007, the website raised over $30 million. And this indicates why we regard the site to being among the best.

6. Fundly

On the sixth position is Fundly. The website comes with space to post the essential photos or videos that will help donors understand why you need help.

Also, no minimum funds are necessary, and you can make your transactions within 24-hours. You can also take advantage of their email updates that guide you as a starter.

7. Patreon

Another great website you can use to raise funds is the Patreon. It helps donors to subscribe to the campaign you handle in a simple process. Mostly, it suites the creative individuals looking for cash to capitalize their works. Such include podcasters, artists and bloggers among many others.

8. Indiegogo

On the eighth position is Indiegogo started in San Francisco in the year 2008. You can use the website to raise funds for any project of interest.


It’s due to this flexibility that it increases its popularity across the globe. Per month, the site has over nine million subscribers explaining why the site is popular among users.

9. Edco

If you’re looking for the best school or team website to raise funds, Edco is the best option for you. You can set a page for your club, or school for a maximum of three minutes.

Also, you can consider withdrawing your funds at any time. However, the funds are tax-deductible making them legal. They charge 4.9% as a service fee and 2.9% + $0.30 as a credit card processing fee.

10. Crowd Rise

On the tenth position of our list is Crowd Rise also based in the USA. You can use the platform for personal causes or charity work. They work together with the Boston Marathon, UNICEF, and the ACS among other associations. Consider joining their website for a chance to learn more about their services.

In conclusion, there exists a variety of websites that you can use to collect donations for your causes. The above-discussed list presents only the best you can find in the market. Consider trying one among them and experience many of their benefits.