The Rise Of Visual Search: How Brands Can Adapt

Visual search technology is time and again improving as the days go by. Its usage has also been integrated into various platforms. These include websites, branded apps, networks like Google, Pinterest, and bing. Visual search is a very important tool for online shoppers; this is because it influences the consumers’ purchasing decision.

This is how brands can adapt to this emerging technology

Use of many images to showcase your product on the website can be of great help.

You can as well choose to include photos from various angles as well as perspectives; this can help in increasing the chances of appearing in the visual searches.

If you navigate to this website, you will see that it is very important you use keywords to optimize the associated image texts.


To enhance optimization, you can also choose to suit an image site map.Addition of category markups to the specific page as well as having the image budges showing up your photos is also a good way to improve searches.

The image optimization tips involve, looking for the balance between the images and their quality, and choosing between the vector and raster images.To get an accurate picture of the overall performance, you have to run a structured data test on the e-commerce site.

Visual images help in enhancing e-commerce website’s traffic.

With the recent improvements in visual search, it is even easier for people to view an image and even buy the captured product or look for products similar to that.


It is convenient and time-saving. Therefore this is a technology that comes with an exciting opportunity for all online retailers specifically.

As time goes by, the visual search will continue to gain popularity. It opens up several opportunities especially for fashion as well as the home decor brands and more.