Best Medical Transcription Service Companies In 2019

There is no doubt that medical transcription service companies are increasing at an alarming rate. It is due to this reason why medical practitioners should take time to filter through the extensive list of medical transcription companies before hiring one of them.

The ideal medical transcription company should have professional staff who are not only familiar with the world of medicine but are also up to date with digital technologies and trends. Are you looking for the best medical transcription service company, here is a list of the top 3 best.

1. DataMatrix Medical


It is based in New York and is well known for providing 100% customer satisfaction. The company boasts of skilled transcriptionists who have a quick turnaround time on projects and do a professional job. They have been in the medical transcription world for 20 plus years. This is a clear indication of a company that provides quality medical transcription.

2. Mercedes Transcription Inc.

medical transcription services by Mercedes Transcription are top notch. This is another professional medical transcription company that has been around for two decades. With Mercedes transcription Inc. you can be assured of quality and accuracy.

Moreover, they do provide transcribed documents in a variety of forms including PDF. They are also HIPPA compliant. Therefore your patient’s information will remain safe at all times.

3. Sunrise Transcription Inc.

The headquarters of Sunrise transcription Inc. is in St. Petersburg in Florida. The company provides affordable and quality medical transcription services. Their quality of work is unmatched, and also, the company uses advanced tech when it comes to dissemination of both dictations and transcribed documents.


Another benefit of hiring Sunrise transcription Inc. is that their services are available on a 24/7 basis. Not to mention, their customer care team is always alert and ready to respond to any queries. You should also know that the company values client confidentiality. Therefore your data will be safe.

The Bottom Line

Despite there being many medical transcription services from all corners of the world, the above are the top three. They are not only known for giving quality work, but they also have a fast turnaround time.