5 Jewellery Trends 2019 Has In Store

It might look like spring is far from coming, but when it comes to getting ready wardrobe-wise, it is never too early to make a change. And for that reason, we are already setting the trend so that you are not caught unawares with the new trends in town. This will set you at par with whatever you purchase for the next JEWELRY TRENDS season.

Jewelry is indeed a fashion precursor; hence the trendsetter in every fashion setting. Fresh bijoux is exceptional when it comes to giving where a bold fashion statement. The bigger side of it is it never fades and goes with every of your attire hence adding the expensive and expressive look that’s desirable.

The catwalks was scoured to enable us to give you the most out of the jewelry world notwithstanding the big names and brands alike. Before we go deep into the bolts and nuts—or chains and clasps —of beautiful jewelry collections, always have this in mind evolution surpasses revolution.

Coins on Coins

For many seasons these types of necklaces have become a household name to many jewelry lovers. However, this year the trend has come back with a bang.


Made off pieces stuck together the coins piled up on the necklace gives it the name. It looks like the Oscar de la Rentaas others are put up using coins piled and wrapped on the beautiful lasses on the runway. It is indeed a jiggle of beauty literally.

Charm-Embellished Belts

2019 came about with embellished necklaces that rocked on people’s necks like it belonged there. The charms on these necklaces are made more appealing thanks to Versace, and Karl Lagerfeld. It added the ambiance to the 2019 spring collections.

Logo Jewels

Just when you thought the trending logo was far from over then boom! Shock on you. It is just the beginning of this trend with jewelry makers. It was all HAM with the logo jewels when a channel decides to add a bit of flavor to it. The other brands like Balenciaga and Dor also jumped in as the Logo jewels are high on demand.

Open-Cuff Necklace


The open cuff necklace is a sophisticated and grown-up cousin to the choker. The trends take by Fendi was colorfully interpolated by orange, green and blue colored enamel. Models were sent down runaway by Dior with its name in the center and front.

Seashell Jewels

The beachy trend has been popping up regardless of whether it’s sunny or maybe not. A replica version was inclusive of colorful shells beautifully connected with beads and gold accents. To make it stupendous, this jewel is jazzed with delicate hoops and coral reef pendants.


It is with due hope that you’re set to subtlety ditch since this year’s jewelry trends will hit your face. Lately, if you were attentive to these runways, you might notice that bracelets and necklaces piled up to the brim. Earrings were daring others with long dangling, oversize, chunky styles which dropped below shoulders. Fine jewelry, unlike fashion catwalks, never dramatically changes from one season to the other. The raw materials inherent cost makes it superfluous to produce trendy pieces each month to be up to date with fashion.