Orange County โ€“ How to Upload & E-File Court Forms

In Orange County, California, filers can use I-CAN! Legal to prepare and e-file the following sets of court forms: Small Claims, Eviction (Unlawful Detainer) and Name Change. We are working with the court to provide uploading and e-filing of more legal forms sets. Note: To e-file a Divorce, Paternity or other family law form, go […]

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New Laws In 2018 In New York State

The state of New York implements and enforces several laws on a yearly basis. Such rules help to oversee political, social and economic processes taking place within the state. They are as follows: 1. Tax Preparers to Offer Consumer Bill of Rights As of January 7, 2018, Section 5-66(c) of Title 6 of the Rules […]

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