What are Professional Liability Lawyers

The professional liability lawyers handle sensitive cases and can work to help protect your personal and businesses assets. Today we are going to learn how these attorneys can help you win your case.

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The 10 Best Fundraising Websites

The increased growth in the levels of technology has seen different fields of life change in the ways of doing things. And this is not an exception for those individuals or organizations that want to raise funds for their operations. In the recent past few years, we experience/d the development of online fundraising platforms to […]

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Orange County – How to Upload & E-File Court Forms

In Orange County, California, filers can use I-CAN! Legal to prepare and e-file the following sets of court forms: Small Claims, Eviction (Unlawful Detainer) and Name Change. We are working with the court to provide uploading and e-filing of more legal forms sets. Note: To e-file a Divorce, Paternity or other family law form, go […]

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New Laws In 2018 In New York State

The state of New York implements and enforces several laws on a yearly basis. Such rules help to oversee political, social and economic processes taking place within the state. They are as follows: 1. Tax Preparers to Offer Consumer Bill of Rights As of January 7, 2018, Section 5-66(c) of Title 6 of the Rules […]

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